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Shockwave Impact Duty Sets 33 piece 4932430905

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Sets 33 piece

Shockwave Impact Duty Screwdriver bit set product code 4932430905 - 33 piece

Price: £31.73

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- Designed for use with impact drivers the SHOCKWAVE IMPACT DUTY accessory line is not only ideal for heavy duty impact applications, but also delivers a full system solution for all the user's drilling and fastening needs.

- Laser hardened WEAR GUARD TIP for improved wear resistance and protection of the fit over the life of the bit.

- SHOCK ZONE Geometry - designed to flex:

- SHOCK ZONE reduces stress at the tip resulting in less tip breakages. The combination of the SHOCK ZONE design and special heat treatment absorbs impacts and allows the bit to flex with spring like action.

- Custom engineered steel - Milwaukee® custom metal formula makes the SHOCKWAVE bits more resistant to shock from impacting.
Article Number 4932430905
SHOCKWAVE screwdriving bits: 24 x 25 mm length 1 x PH1 / 2 x PH2 / 1
x PH3, 2 x PZ1 / 3 x PZ2 / 2 x PZ3, 2 x TX10 / 2 x TX15 / 3 x TX20 /
2 x TX25 / 2 x TX30 / 1 x TX40 / 1 x TX50. 5 x 50 mm length 1 x PH2 /
1 x PZ2, 1 x TX15 / 1 x TX20 / 1 x TX25. 3 x SHOCKWAVE magnetic nut
drivers: 48 mm length 1 x Hex 7 mm / 1 x Hex 8 mm / 1 x Hex 10 mm. 1
x SHOCKWAVE magnetic bit holder 60 mm length