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SDS Plus M2 Drill Bit 10 X 210  4932307074

Milwaukee SDS Plus M2 Drill Bit 10 X 210

SDS-Plus M2 10 x 210 Drill Bit - 4932307074

Price: £4.32

- Breaker Points. 3 offset aggressive power breakers. These produce a "Demolition" effect and create micro cracks in the drilled material. Up to 25% FASTER

- Centering tip. Ensures immediate spot drilling with pin point accuracy. Prevents skidding on smooth surfaces

- Enlarged rebar chamfers. Prevents side tip damage when hitting rebar. Reduces the risk of the drill bit jamming when hitting rebar

- Tapered shoulder design. Thinner shoulder towards drill tip for less friction providing for greater speed. Ideal for cordless hammers identified from its tapered shoulder geometry

- Reinforced flute. High volume flute geometry for optimum dust removal. Reinforced flute design (thicker core) gives: - Full power transfer to the tip
Lower vibrations. - Exceptional break resistance, less breakages and best durability

- Made in Germany

- FASTEST: New aggressive tip geometry with 3 chip breakers demolishes the concrete quicker and a tapered shoulder design minimises friction enabling the M2 drill bit to deliver faster drilling speed

- DURABILITY: Rebar chamfers on the tip prevent side tip damage when hitting
metal reinforcement and a thicker core body ensures higher power transfer,
lower vibrations and less flute breakages